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About Our Company  

Q&A Family Emporium, Inc., a non-profit organization, was created for the benefit of foster children and their caregivers to provide initiatives that nurture an understanding of the child's history and background, and to maintain a virtual connection to their biological and past foster families' experiences with and love for them.



(1)    On-Line Repository

MyChildsJourney.org is an on-line repository created to give biological and/or foster families an avenue to provide a child placed into the foster care system a way to stay virtually connected, whether or not the families are given visitation rights to the child.  The database consists of photographs and videos of places shared with the child, which can be posted by biological family members, former foster families, or current foster or adoptive families (collectively, "Interested Parties").  The database is password-protected to insure the utmost security to protect the privacy of the child.  NO INTERESTED PARTY WILL BE ABLE TO VIEW MEDIA POSTED REGARDING UNRELATED CHILDREN.

Additionally, Interested Parties have the option to unilaterally post communication in the form of letters and/or interviews to which the child will have access once s/he turns 18.  With the exception of web administrators, only the person posting and the child will have access to this communication.  The intention is for the Interested Parties to let the child know about his/her history and background and to give the child any personal information and wisdom that only the Interested Party can impart.  Once the child gains access at 18, the treasure they find – notes from a distant past about who they are and what they have been through – will be invaluable to them as they begin their journey into adulthood.  On the child's 18th birthday, full access will be given and the child will be formally notified of the existence of the letters and how to gain access.

For more information concerning the genesis of the repository, visit the Our Story section of our website.

(2)    Video-Editing Day Camps

A variety of day camps designed to inspire the creative outlet of story-telling through video editing, thereby giving the child a skill to document his or her history and self-awareness.  Each camp will be age-specific and designed to teach film editing from a simple project such as using pictures and music or voice over, to a more complicated project such as producing an original video production.


For up-to-date status reports for each initiative, see Blog section.